The Gaff-n-Go Lineworker Rodeo relies on participant entry fees and sponsor memberships to finance the Rodeo and related activities. Many of the expenses incurred are non-refundable. This policy covers the cancellation of events and if necessary, the Rodeo itself.  


1.    General Rodeo Cancellation: The Rodeo will be canceled in the event of prolonged lightning storms, tornados, or other severe weather during the scheduled day of the Rodeo or related events that safe participation in the Rodeo impossible, impractical, or in the event of a major disaster that requires line crews from the mid-Atlantic to return to their home stations for emergency response activities. There will be no refunds for entry fees, sponsorships or booth registrations, etc. in this instance. The decision to cancel the rodeo because of weather will be made by the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo Committee, staff of VMDAEC, and Event Coordinators, and communicated by every possible means as soon as it is made. A government weather watch or warning is a factor in this decision-making but is not dispositive. In this event, the Rodeo may or may not be rescheduled. If it is possible to reschedule, fees and sponsorships will be transferred over to the new event date.

2.    Individual Event Cancellation: Similar to the above, the decision to cancel an individual event
(while the remainder of the Rodeo proceeds) will be made by the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo Committee, staff of VMDAEC, and Event Coordinators. If an individual event is canceled for any reason, the disposition of that event’s trophies and scores will be as follows:
       1.    Trophies will be awarded in canceled events only if 50% of the participants have completed the event according to the scores posted.
       2.    The scores for the canceled event will not be counted in any overall categories.
       3.    Refunds will be given for individual fees for those individual linemen who do not get the opportunity to participate in a particular individual event.