Registrations can be modified through this system until April 12, 2024

Our lawyer made us add this:

While we look forward to all who join us at the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo and its associated events, and we value our sponsors very, very much, we insist that all sponsors and exhibitors abide by the following Code of Conduct:  (i) conduct yourself professionally, treating all with respect and courtesy, (ii) obey all laws and event policies, (iii) do not solicit any Gaff-n-Go participant, attendee, or visitor for employment or membership in any organization during the event, (iv) report any harassing, intimidating, offensive, threatening, violent, drunken, unsafe, or other behavior which violates this Code of Conduct to VMDAEC management at any time.  VMDAEC reserves the right to enforce this policy by asking violators to depart the event, without refund, and by barring violators from participation in future events.  Sponsorships and expo space may be approved, denied, or reassigned locations at any time by VMDAEC in its sole discretion. 

Registrations made after April 12, 2024, will not be featured in the program.